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A letter to my readers

Hello my beautiful readers. 

You may have noticed that i had taken a little break from my website. I can't believe i haven't posted since november, but life took some unexpected, painful turns, and i had to fix myself. 

In december my 5 and a half year relationship to what i thought was the love of my life, came to an end. Sometimes we hold on to people for the wrong reasons, and we let slide the wrong that happens because we love them. A time comes however, when you have to think about YOU and be the selfish person that you are accused of being. I had to speak up, and walk away. It hurt like hell to do it, and i honestly didn't think it would be the end of it but it was. 

We lived together, in a flat rented by his uncle, which means that as well as now being single, i was also homeless. 

My confidence was at rock bottom and i felt like my whole world was crashing around me. Those feelings of, "is there something wrong with me?" "is this all my fault?" &quo…

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