Finger Detangling vs Combing

With so many rules and methods out there, it is hard to know what you SHOULD be doing to your hair. At the end of the day, it is YOUR hair and so down to you to find what works best for you. This is the same with products, styling and most of all combing. 

It would be easy for me to sit here and tell you that you should comb your hair a certain way, or you should not comb your hair a certain way, but when it comes down to it, i don't know your hair like you do. What i can do, is give you pointers on what works for me, and you can give it a go for yourself too. 

Combing my hair when i was younger was a nightmare. Not only was it painful, embarrassing and scary, but it was a struggle to get started. Having the thickest hair out of me and my sister, it would tangle instantly. You could literally comb it and braid a section, come back to it 2 minutes later, and it would be full of knots again. 

This led to me spending alot of time with my hair kept in two cornrows/braids, rather than hav…

Want to save money on some of my fave things right now?

I have been given not one but TWO new codes for you to use to save money on some of the amazing goodies i have been using. 

Firstly if you have not signed up for yet then you need to read my blog post and catch up on all the goodies you are missing out on. Treasuretress is a monthly subscription box, where you get 4-5 products a month sent out in the post. The boxes range from being one range from the same brand, to being hand picked by some of the top natural hair bloggers, or just filled with a mix and match of what is hot right now. 

From this box i have received brands like Cantu who i have used before, but also brands like Mielle Organics and GroHealthy, who was less familiar with. Each month i have been sharing my box and my reviews and links to these are below. 

Now it is YOUR turn to sign up and enjoy. Boxes cost £20pm (+pp) which is so cheap considering these are FULL SIZED products and sometimes there are even samples thrown in. 

If you are beginning your…

December TreasureTress | Holidays box review

Happy New Year guys! Welcome to my first blog post of 2018. I have been so busy with the holiday period and trying out some exciting new things for you guys, but i am back with a new treasure tress box review. 

This months box included more great products for hair and they even added some extra goodies to treat your skin to some TLC and a candycane to keep your sweet tooth happy. 

So lets get to it. 

LOTTABODY: Wrap me foaming mousse"Creates soft wraps, defines curls, tames frizz, for all hair types." I have tried Lotta body before, and if you have read my blog posts before you will remember i did a review of the setting lotion. (click here and refresh your memory). 

I love the smell of this product, it literally smells good enough to eat! I haven't had a chance to try this one out enough to say if i would purchase it again, and i am not usually into hair mousses. I will say however that i don't have anything negative to say about this product. It is non sticky and it de…

Mixed Chicks Hair | Set product review

So are you ready for a huge review? 

I recently was lucky enough to win a instagram competition by chebella91 which included a MASSIVE selection of products by mixed chicks hair. This is the full new arrivals set by the brand! 

I have used the morning after foam before, when i got a mini sample of this and i loved it, so i was excited to see that it was in this collection and to try some of the other products included. 

Thank you again to Cherelle, for the amazing giveaway. 

Curl Sculptor:   "this fast drying weightless curl creator, provides definition for curly textures, elongates curl, softens and moisturises with pro vitamin B5." Directions: Work a generous portion of mixed chicks throughout wet hair, leave in, air dry, and style as usual. 

The first thing that surprised me about this product and that i will mention, is the consistency of it. I expected something quite thick and creamy, when instead it is liquid and thin. This means that a little goes a long way and to be care…

LUS Brand | Product Review

Top of my to try list for some time now has been LUS Brands . LUS stands for Love ur self and the products are called Love ur Curls. That is exactly how i feel after using them! 

They have 3 sets of products.  Kinks, Curls and waves so they cater to so many people! The full set can be purchased from naturalistic products and direct from their website, as well the individual products. 

I follow them on instagram @lusbrands and i soon as i saw these mini sets, i just had to get my hands on them. What better way to try something out than with travel sized versions. I replied to the post on their instagram story asking when these will be available in the UK, and they quickly replied to me to let me know that they are now shipping to the UK with lower rates. I didn't need any more convincing, i logged straight on and brought myself this adorable little set. 

Delivery was fast and i have been using them for a few weeks now, so lets get to the review. 

Step one: Shampoo As you will know, i a…

My top winter products

I did a post last week sharing with you my winter hair tips. Today i want to share you more details on which products i can not live without this winter. Snow is literally falling as i am writing this and the temperature is -1c. Its sunday, which means wash day, but right now i am sat with deep heat patch on my shoulder, hair in a bun, and no motivation. 

That being said, winter is the time when wash days are even more important. I usually wash my hair once a week, but in winter i do find that co-washing mid week keeps my curls at their best. I waited it out this week to see if i could get to day 7 in this colder weather, and the answer is no. Day 5 was as far as i could go as by the end of that day, my hair was feeling a little sticky and looking a little flat. 

The number one ingredients for winter products, can also be your worst nightmare. If you have finer hair, then maybe some of these are the opposite for you. I love oils in winter and summer time. Summer because hair dries out w…

Curlsmith Curl Defining Souffle |

Curlsmith Curl Defining SouffleBack in October, i did a review on another Curlsmith product which can also be seen in the image above. If you follow me online you will see how much i loved that product, and i had to try more from the range!

I had a look at the products on offer and i opted to go for the curl defining souffle. 

When i first looked at this i was very intrigued by it. I was expecting it to be like a cream or a gel type of feel, but instead it is like a jelly. When you rub this between your hands, it turns into a more creamy texture. 

As i have used this brand before, i know that a little goes a long way and not to over do it. The first time i tried them out i found i used way too much and my curls became weighed down and sticky, lessons learnt. 

The first time i used this souffle, i used the same method of applying it into my hair in two sections and the praying hands method. This worked well but i found that i used more doing it this way and i got quite a bit of a gel cast.…