My top winter products

I did a post last week sharing with you my winter hair tips. Today i want to share you more details on which products i can not live without this winter. Snow is literally falling as i am writing this and the temperature is -1c. Its sunday, which means wash day, but right now i am sat with deep heat patch on my shoulder, hair in a bun, and no motivation. 

That being said, winter is the time when wash days are even more important. I usually wash my hair once a week, but in winter i do find that co-washing mid week keeps my curls at their best. I waited it out this week to see if i could get to day 7 in this colder weather, and the answer is no. Day 5 was as far as i could go as by the end of that day, my hair was feeling a little sticky and looking a little flat. 

The number one ingredients for winter products, can also be your worst nightmare. If you have finer hair, then maybe some of these are the opposite for you. I love oils in winter and summer time. Summer because hair dries out with humid weather, and winter because of the constant bounce between hoodies, beanies and up dos can leave your hair with less natural oils. 

so on to my top must have winter items for my hair. 

Osocurly satin scrunchie and pillowcase


So where these two babies fit in to my whole year as must have items, this winter they have been a life saver! With it being darker in the evenings, i have no energy at all to be wrapping my hair in a scarf before bed, and now i don't have to. For a full review on the ososcurly items see the review on my website. 

I refresh my curls before bed if i am going to be using water in winter, and these pillowcases mean that i can sleep with those curls out and wake up to them great. No more waking up with my scarf off. I don't even need to pineapple my hair! 

The pillowcase comes one side gold and one side black so it is reversible. Scrunchies have a wide range of colours. 

I wear my hair up for work and using one of the satin scrunchies means that an take my hair down after work and my curls look great, no bobble mark! 

Get yours here : osocurly website or naturalistic products
Review here: 


Curlsmith oil-in cream 


I have been loving this product in winter. My curls are super moisturised and defined. It smells fresh and organic as it is made with only the best ingredients. I recently tried more from this brand and i can honestly say that i love them! 

Delivery was fast and these products, a little goes a long way, meaning that they last you such a long time. Rub a little between your hands and use the praying hands method to pull it through your hair. 

I have gotten to day 7 curls and only needed to touch them 1 or 2 times after styling with this on wash day. It is by far my favourite winter hair cream. 

Get your hands on them here: Curlsmith Website

Full review here : 

Curls blueberry bliss reperative hair mask

Ahh this mask here! I was in love with this mask before it touched my head. It smells so yummy and is super creamy. I used it once and it was enough for me to put it to the top of my list. Where i like to switch my hair masks up, for the cold month of nov-dec this was my go to. My hair has never felt so soft and the curls been so bouncy. Even without product my curls were poppin! 

I have actually ran out of this one at the moment and it is top of my payday list because i used it every single week during this snowy period we had. 

Get you some blueberry love here : naturalistic products 

Only Curls London Micro fibre towel


Every curly knows how annoying it is to dry your hair. It either takes you hours to air dry it, or it frizzes with a hair drier. 

During winter there is no chance that i am going out that door with wet hair! Whether i decided to air dry or diffuse, this towel is always the first thing that i grab. 

Micro fibre towels like this one here, speed up the drying process and cause less frizz than a normal cotton towel would do. I like to squeeze excess product and water out of my hair with this first before i do anything else to my washed hair. They are so soft  and your curls bounce back frizz less after scrunching.

Get yours here: Only Curls or naturalistic products


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