August Curlee Box | Boucleme and Creme of nature

Well what a box! 

This month, Curleebox also landed on my doorstep and this months box has blown me away! Possibly my favourite box so far. It is all very exciting. 

A favourite and a brand i tried once nearly a whole year ago, plus i fell in love. Keep reading to find out all the goodness. 

I am so impatient when it comes to my hair boxes. I have to know what's in them, i just can not wait. I always find myself searching and finding whats inside, but this time my box arrived earlier than expected. I opened it up and all that i could say was oooo. 

Want to know what was inside?

Boucleme Curl Cleanser and Curl conditioner

So back in november '17, i got myself a little mini travel sized collection from this brand. They included the Curl conditioner, Curl Creme and Curl gel. See my review on these here

Now i have my hands on full sized versions of the shampoo and conditioner. Boucleme are a british brand which have been all over instagram for some time. It is a favourtie of curl influencers such as @UKCurlygirl and @Letts_curl

I had used the curl conditioner before, as a leave in and didn't like it. What i did like about it was mixing it in with a spray bottle and creating a spray leave in instead. This time however, now that i had the shampoo, i decided to use it as a rinse out conditioner. 

The shampoo is a curl cleanser. Usually shampoos which are cleansers, have left my hair feeling a little too stripped and i have ended up not liking them. However i gave it ago. 

As i mentioned in my previous review on this brand, the whole range has a very organic natural smell. This is different from the heavily perfumed and tropical scented products i am used to. It does take a while to get used to it. The shampoo is the same. 

The shampoo is a zero lather product. I didn't get any bubbles from this at all. I do enjoy shampoos which do this, but them doing it is sometimes a bad thing and these end up drying out my hair. This shampoo therefore felt weird to me, like i didn't even know if i had used enough (if that makes sense) because you couldn't see it. However i massaged this into my scalp and rinsed it off dreading the results. I didn't need to worry. My hair wasn't stripped at all and felt wonderfully clean. My hair had been on day 9 and had been bouncing between buns and ponytails so i wasn't able to detangle with the shampoo, even though the instructions say that you can.  

Next was time to condition. I could feel how tangled my hair was but this conditioner was PURE MAGIC! The same organic smell with a hint of fruit, this conditioner melted away every single tangle in my hair in an instant! No wash day stress for this wash day i had the most relaxing detangling session ever. The smell of these products together was relaxing in itself, but the way this conditioner made my hair feel was incredible. I even came out the shower happy and made my fiance feel how soft my hair was. He told me that it looked shinier and bouncier which i hadn't looked and saw yet. 

Would i repurchase these products? I am not 100% on the shampoo yet having only used it once, however this conditioner is my new favourite! I am honestly blown away by how well it worked on my hair. Nothing has ever gotten me this in love straight away and i would recommend this to EVERY SINGLE NATURAL HAIRED PERSON.

Creme of nature argan oil moisture and shine curl activator creme

I was so happy to see this range in the box. If you follow my instagram you'll know that it takes up the most space on my product shelf and is my absolute favourite. My collection is possibly complete on this one. 

I haven't used a curl activator creme since cantu. It has been a while. 

This creme is very thick which means you do not need to be heavy handed on this and it goes a very long way. The whole argan oil range has a very fresh scent which lingers in your hair and i knew this already. 

I found it was a little difficult squeezing this one out of the bottle, but also that because of this, less product was wasted. It left my curls with so much life. Springy ringlets were found days later and i didn't need to do my hair everyday when i styled with this. I think in a week i refreshed twice. 

Would i repurchase this? Yes. I loved it. 

Creme of nature argan oil style & shine foaming mousse

I wasn't sure i was going to like this one. I have never been a fan of mousses as they usually leave my hair feeling crispy when dry and sticky when wet. 

This one however has changed my view on mousses forever. I had a slight crunch to my curls, but this was very easily scrunched out. 

The product left my hair shiny as promised, and my curls were big yet still defined. 

I didn't have any sticky residue and it worked on both wet and dry hair which is always a win in my books. 

Would i repurchase this? Yes. It is another favourite from this brand. They just keep winning with me. 

Also by Creme of nature was 2 single use sachets from the coconut milk collection. This included an essential oil treatment and moisture hair milk (which is reviewed here

Other samples came from the brand Bourn Beautiful Naturals. This brand i have seen on instagram but haven't used yet. Using samples is always a struggle to get round to because they are so small, i worry i won't have enough in them and so end up only doing half my hair with them. 

One of them that i did try was the "hair too balm". I remember when i opened this one i sat there for longer than is normal just smelling it. It smells like orange chocolate and good enough to eat! 

I am honestly obsessed with this and can not wait to get my hands on a full sized version asap! It was perfect at sealing in moisture on my hair and meant that my styling lasted days! 

I have honestly never been so in love with a scent of hair product before. 

Wash day results after using all the products mentioned in this post. 

Curleebox is a monthly subscription bringing you full sized and sample products straight to your doorstep for £20 a month (p+p). Sign up today at

Have you tried any of these products and brands yet? Which are your faves? 


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