August TreasureTress | Creme of Nature Pure Honey

August was a month filled with sunshine, carnivals and of course another great box by Treasure Tress. What better way to say goodbye to summer, than with a drop of honey. 

As you will know from my site already, i have had a try of some of these products before, but my mind was not made up on the range yet. Since trying them some more, as well as some of the other ranges that they do, i can honestly say Creme of Nature has fast become one of my favourite brands! 

I won't repeat my review on some of these so for full reviews and first impressions please click here

So what was in the box?

Creme of nature pure honey conditioner

When i first tried this conditioner as you will see from my first review, i wasn't impressed. I wasn't disappointed either, i just felt that it didn't really do much for my hair. So have i changed my mind? 

Yes it did leave my hair feeling soft, but this feeling didn't last as long as some other conditioners that i have in my collection, and others by this brand. 

I think this conditioner is just ok. 

Would i repurchase it now? Probably not. As i said, nothing against this conditioner, it just didn't wow me. I think also being such a thick consistency made it a little difficult to get out of the bottle.

Creme of nature pure honey hair mask

Another one which i had not made my mind up on yet, is this hair mask. 

It had really great slip which made detangling my hair very easy and i was able to comb the mask through really well. My hair felt soft and hydrated afterwards. So have i changed my mind?

I do enjoy this mask. Now that i have used it a few times i think it does actually leave my hair feeling and looking great. 

Would i repurchase this mask though? I still can't answer that yet. As with the conditioner, i just feel like there are better ones. It didn't blow me away and i didn't fall in love with it. 

Creme of nature pure honey detangler

This product was the final one out of the three i tried previously, and is the one which i liked the most. 

See my previous review for details, but this one worked really well in my hair. It removed all of my tangles and worked well underneath other products. 

It works on both dry and wet hair, and is a light creamy texture when you rub it between your hands. 

Would i repurchase this one? Again its a yes on this one. 

Creme of nature pure honey Shampoo

The shampoo was missing from the collection i tried before, and so i was very excited to see it in this set. This meant i could do a full wash day with the pure honey range. 

This is what the website says:

Cleanse, detangle and restore moisture with our Moisturizing Dry Defense Shampoo while achieving healthy-looking hair and shine.
  • Cleanses Hair
  • Helps Restore Moisture for Healthy-Looking Hair
  • Detangles & Softens
  • Provides Healthy Shine
NO Sulfates*, NO Mineral Oil*
I liked this shampoo a lot. It didn't strip my hair in anyway and it was very easy to manage in the shower, even before adding any conditioner or hair mask. It has a gentle lather and smells amazing. 
Would i repurchase this shampoo? Yes! I am not usually a fan of shampoos but this one had me in love on the first use. 

Creme of nature pure honey edge gel
The final product in this range i have tried is the edge control gel. I am not really into laying edges as it is a skill i lack, but this one made it very easy. 
It applied on my baby hairs softly and was easy to shape to how i wanted. It didn't leave any flakes in my hair at all, and it kept my edges down all day! 
Check out my results below. 
 Would i repurchase this edge control? 100% this is a favourite of mine now. 

Overall, i like this range. It isn't my favourite by the brand although some of the products will always have a place on my shelf. At first i felt disappointed because i had tried some of them already, but i am glad i received them, because i hadn't tried the shampoo and edge control before and they are favourites. 
Have you tried any of these yet? I would 100% recommend them, so much so that i teamed up with treasure tress and gave away this full box to one of my instagram followers. 
Remember treasure tress is a monthly subscription box bringing you full sized products and sometimes samples, straight to your doorstep for £20 a month (p+p). You can save money using code CANDI10 so sign up today and enjoy products straight to your doorstep! No more searching around for products that work, they get sent straight to you. 

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