Changing routines and methods with the weather

Can your hair tell when the season has officially changed? The dark mornings are back, along with the rain and the cold nights. The days are wet and miserable again and it won't be long before the year is done. 

As you can see from the photo above, this has meant for me, a change in colour. Summer saw so many people go blonde, but with the autumn season i decided it was time to go a little more darker. Do i miss the blonde? Hell yes, but i am also loving this change. 

So what else changes about my hair routine with the seasons? 

Air drying hair? No chance

The best part about summer was being able to air dry my hair on my way to work. I could refresh it, and it would be dry by time i got to work (an hour commute) enough to be tied up. Going outside with wet hair was no issue at all. We were lucky enough in manchester to have a hot summer this year. 

Now that it is colder and wetter, going outside with wet hair is a no go. The amount of times i have gotten a cold for this reason. I have tried air drying my hair on the commute but it is still wet by time i get to work, which means it gets tied up and i end up with the middle (under my bobble) section staying damp while the rest of it dries. 

Also having my hair down on the commute hasn't been able to happen, due to the wind making it go crazy. Nothing more embarrasing than the bus pulling up in front of you just as the wind changes direction and causes your hair to temporarily blind you, meaning you get on and have to spit hair out of your mouth and fix it with a packed bus staring at you. 

Same products? Same routine?

I recently wondered what changes other people made during colder months to their routine and alot of people mentioned they change which products they use etc and how often they deep condition. 

Personally i don't think my routine changes all that much in terms of products. I still go for the LCG method and i still deep condition my hair every week. 

One of the biggest changes that i make it WHEN i refresh my hair. As i said going outside with wet hair is a big no, so how do i refresh instead? At night before bed! 

If you protect your curls enough while you sleep, then refreshing with water the night before instead of in the morning will work for you too. It gives my hair time to dry overnight so i don't have to risk giving my self a head cold in the morning. 

I ALWAYS sleep on a satin pillowcase by Osocurly these pillowcases are curl savers. Cotton pillowcases can dry your hair out and cause frizz, on these pillowcases your hair glides on them gently keeping your curls in check so you can wake up with your hair looking the same as when you went to sleep. If i am water refreshing the night before, then i will use a satin bonnet by The Happy Hairbox to protect both my pillow from being wet, and my curls from being damaged. This bonnet is the first i have tried which actually stays put all night. 

Beanie life

Who doesn't love a good beanie day. This cold windy weather calls for curls to be protected not just at night but in the day time to. 

That's why i reach for my beanie so often. That and the fact that i am usually far too tired to do much to my hair when i wake up at 6am and it is still dark. Beanies are the perfect lazy trick, but also the perfect windy protection. 

Check out Curlisha who make satin lined beanies for that extra level of protection. Osocurly also do a cute beanie with Curly on the rim. 

Another great way to protect your curls in the harsh weather is another lazy girl favourite, the bun life. 

They can always be made to look more stylish with the addition of some baby hairs or a cute accessory. 

I was actually lucky enough this year to find a coat with a satin lined hood, so always look out for these. 

More or less product?

I find that my wash days do not last as long in winter as they do in summer. Due to not being able to water refresh in mornings, to not wanting my hair down as much, i find that i end up using a lot more product to hydrate my hair. 

You would think that i would use more product in summer when the air is dryer, but it is the windy cold weather, which affects my hair the most. It takes so long to dry and i think sometimes this means that i don't give it the full time it needs to be 100% dry before i go on adding more stuff to my hair. 

With any season change, it will take me a while getting used to the changes i have to make to my hair, and so mistakes are made along the way. I have had sticky next day hair before and my curls only last me until day 4 because of over moisture. 

A good tip on if this happens, put the product down and pick up a water spray bottle. With that much product still soaked on your hair leaving it mushy, a little water is all it needs to reactivate it and keep it going until you do wash it. 

Do you make changes to your hair routine in the different seasons? 


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