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Well isn't summer over. The cold weather is back, the rain is back and just when i was starting to feel sorry for myself the post man delivered this months TreasureTress box! 

This box is filled with around £80 worth of Mielle Organics products and includes 3 stylers, a co-wash and an oil as well as a sample sachet (not pictured) of one of them. 

I have only used Mielle Organics once before in September 2017 box. This was the Mongogo line which you can read my review on here. After using this line, i wasn't too excited to see this brand in this months box. I really didn't like this range, but i have seen this honey and ginger styling gel a lot on social media and had my eye on the oil. Mint and Almond are two of my most favourite oils for my hair. 

So what was in this months box, and how did i like it, or not like it? Keep reading. 

 Detangling co-wash 

"For thin, thick, curly hair removes impurities without stripping hair of natural oils. Lightweight moisturizers soften and control frizz Made with De-tangling properties making it easier to de-tangle while co washing." 
I love a co-wash and so was excited to find one in this box instead of a shampoo. I don't shampoo my hair as often and have more than enough of them as they are usually in every box, so this was a nice change. 

The thing about this co-wash which confused me was it seems to have no scent to it. I thought i was just still suffering from a cold when i tried it, so i had to check with a curlfriend who also used it, but no i was right. It doesn't smell of anything. 

Did my hair feel noticeably softer? no. Was it easy to detangle? Yes, but it had only been washed the day before after a colour. 

More importantly would i purchase this product again? I'm going to say no. I know i haven't given it a fair shot yet, but the lack of scent makes it a really strange experience and i have co-washes in my collection which have made me fall in love on first use.

 Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse

"Our Brazilian Curly Cocktail Mousse is a curly girl's dream to have soft, defined, frizz free curls. Our Curl Mousse contains a blend of organic Brazilian oils like Babassu, Buriti Buriti, Copaiba Oil and Muru Muru. This super combo of Brazilian oils absorbs into the hair shaft locking in moisture and giving the ultimate definition and moisture."
 Only recently have i began to like using hair mousse in my hair. Usually i find them sticky, too much hold and flaky. I came across one which wasn't like this and now this one has me hooked again. 

I was intrigued by the "Brazilian cocktail" part of this and expected a slightly more exotic scent than it has. However, it does smell beautifully and this stays in your hair. The hold is lightweight and i didn't have any flakes at all after using this. It worked really well with the hair milk included in this box. 

Would i repurchase this? Possibly. As far as mousses go, this is in my top 2, the reason i say possibly is because i still prefer a gel and cream over a mousse. 

Avocado moisturizing Hair Milk

"Hydration and moisture for dry thirsty hair. Hydrating extract blend, filled with botanicals, certified organic ingredients. The Ultra moisturizing hair milk to fully add moisture and shine."
This hair milk i thought i was going to like the most out of the range, because i am a little more used to this type of product. It is lightweight and it did provide moisture to my hair, however, i felt the effects did not last. 

By the time my hair had dried i found that frizz had started to form especially around my crown area. I paired it up with the mousse which was great at first, just not by time it dried. My hair had a lot of volume which i think the mousse played a part it, but the frizz outweighed the good. 

I also tried to pair this milk with the hair gel, and i found that this did not mix at all! It gave me such bad flakes and clumps, that i had to rinse my hair again. 

Would i repurchase this hair milk? No. The results didn't last long, and it can not be paired with a gel which would perhaps give it more of a hold. I am curious to see what other products it can be used with and if i get better results, but based on the experiences i had this time round, i can't see me repurchasing this one. 

A sample sachet of this was also included in this months box. 

 Mint Almond Oil

"Promoting healthy hair and growth by working on the last two phases of the growth cycle by soothing and re balancing the scalp by promoting circulation. Studies have showed that blood flow to the scalp plays an important role in hair growth. This natural oil promotes circulation with our peppermint oil. The almond oil is a protein in which our hair is made of protein so this oil binds to the hair sealing it and locking in moisture preventing breakage and shedding. This is a lightweight natural oil."
I was most excited about this one, because peppermint oil and Almond oil are two of my favourites to use in my hair. Almond oil gives such a shine and is my go-to sealant oil, whereas peppermint gives your scalp a nice little tingle when you do scalp massages. 

The oil did not disappoint and smells so good! I have used it to scalp massage, to fluff next day hair and as a sealant and it worked perfectly at every step in my routine. 

Would i repurchase this oil? Yes. There is nothing i didn't like about this oil and i can see why it is a favourite of so many naturals.

Honey & Ginger Styling gel

"Curl definition, smooth edges and frizz reduction for your daily hair regimen. The perfect styling aid for freshly cleaned hair or 2nd day curl enhancement."
Lastly we have the Honey & Ginger styling gel. This is by far my favourite in the box this month. It isn't a strong hold gel, i personally don't think it would work to smooth edges as the description above says, but it is perfect for daily styling and refreshing. 

The honey & ginger smell, takes some getting used to. Most products i use are coco nutty and exotic and this one is a change from that. Aside from not working alongside the hair milk in this box, i found that this gel actually mixes really well with some of the other hair products i use, and so it can be used in my LCGO styling method. 

One of my favourite things about this gel which has made it be a favourite, is that as well as being used on wash day for styling, it can be used alone to refresh hair. I recently did a wash and go using this gel, slept on it, had it tied up for work on an 8 hour shift, got home and applied the tiniest amount on to some of the areas which had gone a little on the dry side, and my curls came right back to life. The amount of compliments i had about my hair when i went out that night was crazy. 

Would i repurchase this gel? 100% yes! I am in love. No flakes, no crunch, no sticky residue and i don't need to refresh my hair everyday when using this.  I can not fault it at all and can see me buying this again and again. 

So that was septembers box. Has my mind been changed about this brand? Yes. I am willing to try some of the other ranges now, and i have fallen in love with a few this time round. 

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