Curlisha | Satin Lined Beanie hats

The one thing i love about autumn is beanie season. An excuse to not do your hair, and a way of hiding it and still looking cute. Beanies and bobble hats are cute accessories and no one knows what your hair looks like underneath, but what about when you remove those hats? 

Flat hair? Friction frizz? Not anymore. 

Curlisha have come up with your new best friend. Satin lined beanie hats! Yes you heard that right.

These beanies have a satin lining to protect your curls while you are out and to stop any friction frizz the cotton material causes. This means you have less worries when you take your hat off. 

She has 3 designs for these; Fro Goals, Braid gang, or just plain black. 

These started off being sold on Etsy, but they now have a brand new website as well as being available on naturalistic products

I absolutely love my 'Fro goals' hat. Especially if my hair is still damp when i have to go out, this is perfect. 

The hats are all black which means they match with any outfit you wear, and the material is nice and thick so it keeps your head nice and warm while you are out in the cold.

The layer of satin inside the hat not just stops frizz, but will also keep moisture in your hair because it stops it from drying out against the material.  

These hats sell for just £15. 

Curlisha also did a limited time offer on satin lined caps, much like the Curlcap which is available in the united states. Check it out here and this was a satin lined half cap which was perfect for curls and 'fros during the summer months. Hopefully they will do them again once winter is over. 

Set here in the UK it is great to support such a small brand and her growing range of products. I can not wait to see what they come out with next. 

As a autumn/winter gift to you all, you can now get your hands on one of these beanie hats with a 10% discount. Just head over to the Curlisha website now and use code CANDI10 

Give your curls that extra layer of protection this winter with a Curlisha Satin Lined Beanie.

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