October Treasure Tress | Pantene Gold Series

Hello October. 

The winter chill has definitely started to kick in, but the gang at Treasure Tress know how to put a smile on our faces. That's right, a brand new box packed with a new range of hair products. 

This months box is a take over by a brand we all know and see everywhere. Pantene have spent a long time (10 years in fact!) researching and creating this brand new gold range, which is designed for natural and relaxed hair. 

Finally natural hair is being catered for by the more known commercial brands! Hallelujah! But does it do a good job? 

We were given 4 full sized products in this box, and i had a 5th one by the brand which i have included in this review. 

Moisture Boost Shampoo

I wont go on about how much i don't like shampoo, we have all heard it before. This is probably the one product from the collection i wasn't looking forward to. 

It isn't sulphate free, which would usually mean, had this been on the shelf, i would not pick it up. 

Sulphate shampoo always dries out my hair the worst and i try my hardest to keep away from it. 

I can honestly say however, that this one wasn't so bad. I made the decision to check the ingredients list after washing my hair so that i wasn't biased. I had a feeling it may have had sulphates because my hair did feel slightly stripped, but not as bad as some other shampoo has left my hair. It had a really nice lather to it and left my hair feeling very clean.

Would i repurchase the shampoo? 
I don't think it is something i would go out and buy again, but i will use it in the future. 

Sometimes, at least once a month, i may reach for a shampoo with sulphates (only if i am deep conditioning) and so i can see myself reaching for this one. 

Repairing Hair Mask

This product was not included in this months box, however, it is part of the range and so i am including it in this review. 

This masque made my hair so easy to detangle. I had just gotten back from my holiday in turkey and my hair was sun damaged and had been in a frizzy pineapple/bun for about 3 days before this wash day. 

It melted away all of my tangles and left my hair feeling very soft. As with all the products in the range, it is infused with argan oil, and my hair LOVES this oil.

Would i repurchase this one? Yes. I purchased it the first time round and i would do it again for sure. It is easy to get hold of, well in the budget range, and i have used this a few times now and been very happy with the results. 

Moisture Boost Conditioner 

I used the conditioner after rinsing off the mask. I wouldn't usually do both on wash day, but my hair needed all the extra conditioning it could get. 

What i instantly liked about this conditioner was that it is in a tube and not a pump bottle. I prefer this because it is easier to get out, and you can get enough of the product out. 

It was a creamy conditioner which i found very easy to comb through my hair. My hair was left feeling soft again and it smelt just as fresh as the other products. 

Would i repurchase this product? I think i would. I had no issues with this and i said i did find it worked really well with my hair. Again, because of how easy it is to find, it is something that i would possibly pick up again in the future. 

Hydrating Butter-creme

This was a strange product for me. It had a smell i can't quite describe. 

I think because i am so used to coco-nutty and fruity smelling products, this is what felt odd about it. 

I found i did need to use quite a bit of product to have an affect on my hair and it was quite thick. My curls were very hydrated however and i was surprisingly pleased with the results. 

On wash day i used this alongside the oil and no other product, which worked fine for day 1, however the next day the curls didn't hold up as well. 

This definitely works better with a gel added to it, and i liked the results a lot better this way. 

Would i repurchase this product? I think i would. It left my curls feeling very soft and hydrated and i couldn't stop touching it. It works well under most hair gels that i tested it with which is always a good thing. 

Intense hydrating oil

I love a good oil for sealing, for adding shine. 

This one surprised me because it was more of a serum than an oil. Usually the oils i use are runny and thin, but this one is thicker. 

I thought that i would prefer the creme over this one, but after more uses this has become my favourite product in the range. 

I love the shine that this leaves on my hair and i know i have said this a lot but my hair was SO SOFT! 

It sealed in moisture really well and works well with most other brand products which means it is perfect for LCO methods.
Would i repurchase this product? Yes i absolutely love this oil. Perfect sealant for all kinds of styles and i have been using it non stop since the first use. 

Overall i have to say i was pleasantly surprised by this months box. When i first opened it and saw Pantene, i had mixed feelings. I knew i liked the mask from this range, so i was all for giving it a go, i just didn't think i would like it. Out of all of the products the conditioner and the oil are hands down my favourites. 

Treasure Tress is a monthly subscription box which brings you full sized products straight to your door step every month for just £20 a month (+p&p). It is a great way to get to try out different brands and find what works for you, without breaking the bank. If you use the code CANDI10 at the checkout you can save 10% off your first box! 

They also have events running throughout the year with talks, goodies, games and lessons hosted by various naturals who you may have heard of. 

They are bringing their "Can ... go natural" event to my hometown of Manchester on 2nd Decemeber so make sure you come down and say hello! Check out their website to see what other events they have running and follow me on instagram to stay up to date with how i get on with these products. 


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