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Todays post is all about my wash & go process, and of course which products i used and how i used them. Firstly what is a wash and go? 

A wash and go is the process by which after washing your hair, you keep your hair in its natural pattern without manipulating it. No braiding, stretching etc. (naturallycurly.com)

I love a good wash and go. I don't always have time to sit and diffuse my hair, or twist it out (i have alot of hair). This is perfect for on the go styling. 

This time round i chose to pre-poo my hair. I know what you are wondering, what the hell is a pre-poo?! 

Pre-poo stands simply for pre shampoo. It is the process of applying oils to your hair before you wash your hair. This has many benifits:
  • It keeps your hair tangle free - believe me when i say, combing my hair in the shower has never been so easy! 
  • Restores and protects the hair follicles, which can get damaged when using shampoo.
  • Leaves your hair feeling shiny and smooth.
So on with the process;

 I start of by sectioning my hair into four. This makes it easier to apply product to all of my hair, and to detangle. I then applied a few drops of Righteous Roots oil into the palm of my hands and pulled this through my hair detangling and finger combing as i went. I did this with all 4 sections of my hair and left this on for around 5-10 minutes. 

Next i washed my hair using shea moisture JBCO shampoo and ORS Haircare Monoi Oil Conditioner. I dont use shampoo everytime i wash my hair, as other curlies will know, this can cause your hair to be very brittle and dry feeling. I usually wash with just conditioner mid week. I continue to detangle and finger comb my hair and then use a wide tooth comb to ensure it is fully knot free. 

After this its time to style!

While my hair was still wet, i applied a curl refresher spray and then my usual products of Shea Moisture JBCO leave-in and then Bouncecurl. I leave this products to sink into my hair for around half an hour, and then scrunch my hair, before diffusing until 50% dry. At this point i add more bounce curl while having my hair upside down. This helps the curls to define more without changing the pattern. 

I then add a spritz more of curl recharge spray before adding coconut oil spray and olive oil sheen spray just to give my hair more shine. 

I let my hair air dry fully now rather than diffuse again, as this can lead to frizz. 

Length check

Finished result

Products used and where to buy them:

 Righteous Roots oil:
If in the UK - Naturalistic Products   In the US - Direct from the website

Design Essentials Coconut curl refresher - Naturalistic Products
Bounce Curl: 
If in the UK - Naturalistic Products  Beauty by Zara (where i get it)  If in the US - Direct from the website 

Shea Moisture Products and ORS monoi oil products all available in superdrugs stores (shea moisture also in boots) 

Peace and Love

Candi xxx


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