OsoCurly Satin Pillowcase | Product Review

If you have read my other blog posts, you will know that i am a huge fan of making sure that my hair is protected at night. Doing so, is something that was missing from my routine for too long! 

I have tried satin scarfs, silk wraps, and satin pillowcases in the past but this is by far my favourite. 

Where is it from?

osocurly are a brand i came across on instagram. They offer a reversible satin pillowcase (black-gold), satin hair scrunchies, and a beanie hat which says "curly" on it. The brand was created in 2014 by one of my favourite instagram curlies uk curlygirl and aims to become a household name when it comes to helping us to protect our hair. 

Using satin or silk on our hair has so many benefits:
  • Less pulling of hair; which means alot less breakage
  • Keeps moisture in hair; instead of the cotton soaking up any moisture you apply to your hair before bed, the satin allows your hair to slip and so stops it from drying out
  • Its gentler on your face as well as your hair, and helps to keep skin happy

 Satin pillow over silk scarf; whats the difference?

For me, as much as i like the way that scarfs can be wrapped differently etc, i find that a pillowcase is much more convenient for me. I often found when using a scarf, that it would slip off in the night leaving all of my hair to be exposed to the cotton pillowcase i slept on. 

I tried a bonnet, but i found that the elasticated edges were harsh on my edges, and this too came off during the night. 

I got my first satin pillowcase from my mother in-laws house when she passed away. I had wanted one for a while, and my fiance gave it to me. I loved it. When i saw osocurly on instagram i couldn't wait to place an order. 

I have to have my hair tied up for work, and i searched everywhere for a satin hair bobble. There is nothing better than taking your hair out at the end of a long 7.5 hour shift, but when you see hair wrapped around your bobble it ruins the bliss. 

With this satin scrunchie, i have had a lot less breakage on my bobble (see my last blog post for information on breakage v shedding). 

I only tie a bobble round my pony once anyway, and that's all you need for this one! It slides out of your hair effortlessly, and now i have one, i doubt I'll ever go back to normal bobbles. This one comes in pink, white or black so there's a good choice. I got black, as i only tie my hair up for work. 

How long is delivery? And how much do they cost?

The website says 2-3 working days for delivery, but mine literally arrived the NEXT day! I was so surprised when it came, and it was wrapped in a pink package which made it even more exciting to open. It stood out amongst other deliveries. 


Satin Pillowcase £15.99
Satin scrunchie £3.99
Curly Beanie £10.00

Postage is around £3-4 as standard. 

I think the prices are brilliant. As the pillowcase is reversible, its like having 2 cases instead of one. 

What did you think?

From the first night i slept on this pillowcase i was in love. It is softer than the one i had before, as it was designed BY a curly girl; FOR curly girls. She knew what she wanted this case to do and it does just that. I had the best nights sleep on mine, and when i woke up, my curls were still perfectly intact. I cant stop sharing posts on instagram encouraging people to get their hands on one. 

I have been sleeping so much better since using this case, not having to worry about my hair being ruined, scarf slipping off in the night, and because t is so comfy! 

If you haven't already, head over to the website and get yourself these, you will NOT regret it! 

Well done UK Curly Girl on such an amazing creation! 

Have you tried these satin goodies? Let me know in the comments or on these links:




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