Curl Smith | Product Review

I can not even tell you how long i wanted to get my hands on this brand and bring you a review!!! They are another one of those brands which are ALL OVER INSTAGRAM. 

There is always a curly hair blogger who has a tub of this in their hands, and offering you discount if you use their code. I was even more drawn to them, when i sent a message to every ones favourite hair guru hif3licia about some of the sections of my hair which don't behave very well. Curlsmith was a brand that she recommended, and the final bit of convincing i needed to purchase some of their products. 

I opted to order the curl conditioning oil-in-cream which says is for "extra thirsty curly or kinky hair." 

All of our products are naturally curl-friendly and gentle enough for daily use. All blended carefully in small batches under strict supervision by our Master Curlsmith." (Curlsmith promise)

This product also promises to be animal cruelty free, vegan friendly and have zero sulphates, parabens, silicone's etc. 

I paid $26 (£19.57) for this product, which is a standard price for most Afro/curly hair products now, and is a 8oz jar. 

The first thing i noticed about this product when i got it, was the packaging. It reminds me a little of an old school jam jar, and helps to bring that homegrown-home brewed feel with it. I liked this a lot as it feels almost personal. It even comes with a batch number on the side in a handwritten style font. I always find that creams that come in a jar/tub, always last a lot longer as well, with no having to cut open bottles and squeeze the life out of them for last bits. 

I couldn't wait to get it opened, and when i did i was again impressed. It has probably one of the strongest scents out of my hair product, but it is a lovely smell. It's very fresh and floral and some of the ingredients are listed as part of the hand picked ones which create the scent:
  • Resurrection flower
  • Organic carrot oil
  • Rare Anidora
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Aloe and Basil blend
I don't know what they all are, but whatever they are they work! 

The cream is white in colour and quite thick, but it is non sticky! Due to it being an "oil-in-cream", it just melts in your hands and your hair. 

"Divide dry or damp hair into sections and smooth through. Do not rinse out. Style as desired. Excellent for TWA's, wash & go, LOC method, braids, twist outs. Great primer for other products. Doesn't flake, non-greasy, non-crunchy." (the tub says.)

I have used this product on dry hair, damp hair, mixed with other brands and products etc and got fantastic results EVERY TIME! I used just a small amount, as i worried about it being greasy on my hair etc, and a little went a very very long way! I LOVE this product!!!! I think it is by far one of my favourite creams to use in my hair. 

My favourite method is when i section off my hair, apply this oil-in-cream and use my denman brush before twisting sections off. I then remove the twists and my curls are shiny, defined and smooth. I have no frizz when i use this product and, as it says on the bottle, it is non-crunchy and non-greasy. 

I took this product on holiday with me and used it everyday. I am used to doing the LCO (Leave-in, cream, oil) method with my hair, and this product means i am applying less onto my hair because it plays the roll of 2 out of the 3. Sometimes i don't even need to apply a leave-in with this, and instead use this and then put a gel over the top of it. 

A product that makes you need less in your hair? Free shipping? Rose to the top of your list in a week? YES! 

I can not wait to try more from them! Go check them out by clicking on on this link here! 

Here are some photos of my hair when i have been using the oil-in-cream!

I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone! I have noticed a HUGE difference in the naughty section of my hair which usually dries out the quickest, this product provides the perfect amount of moisture it needs.

Don't forget to check them out on instagram also @curlsmith_official and also make sure you are subscribed to my blog and instagram account (@candi_curls) so that you don't miss out when i get my hands on some more from them to review for you!



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