October TreasureTress | Cantu Shea Butter

October is here and with it, a new treasuretress box! This time i am very familiar with the brand which is included. I have used Cantu before in the past, and then went off it, before falling in love with it again thanks to UKCurlyGirl and winning her competition. 

As always there were 4 full sized products in October's box.


 Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair cream 

Ok this product is my favourite from this brand. I was already in love with it as it was included in my prize from UKCurlyGirl's giveaway, so getting another tub was a bonus! 

As leave-ins go, this one is very thick, but because it is a cream, it works perfect. You only need a small amount of this because it really does go a long way. The smell of this is amazing, the whole brand is one of my faves when it comes down to the smell. I have had so many compliments about the way i smell and i owe it to cantu! I was a little worried when i first got this one out, because i thought that the thickness of it would weigh my hair down, but it didn't. I think if you have thinner hair, maybe this would be the case, but not for my thick hair. 

I have had so much moisture with this and i don't need to do my hair every day either because it lasts that long! 

Would i buy this product? HELL YES! As i said this is a new favourite of mine and i would recommend it to everyone with similar hair to mine. 
                                       Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream. 

       This is my least favourite product from cantu and from treasuretress box so far. On the plus side, it keeps that cantu coconut and shea butter smell that is evident throughout the whole range, but i found my hair didn't like this as much. It is thick again, more thick than most hair products i have tried, and this time i found that it did weigh my hair down. I applied this and then on day 2 had my hair tied up for work. When i took my ponytail down, and applied other products to refresh my curls, i found my hair felt very sticky and slimy. I know this wasn't to do with the other product i applied as i have been using this for months now, so it had to be this cream. 

Would i buy this product? It's a no from me. It is too sticky and too heavy for my hair. I am however willing to give it another chance because it could just be that it didn't mix well with the other brand. I have seen alot of people wanting to trade this in on curlyswap pages, so i think i am not alone in not liking this one.

Cantu Shea Butter Sulfate Free Hydrating Conditioner

I didn't find any issues with this conditioner at all. It provided my hair with the right amount of moisture and hydrated my curls perfectly. I have used this to co-wash, on normal wash day, and in my spray bottle which i use to condition my hair. I like everything about it. The texture is spot on and the smell is so yummy!

Would i buy this product?  Yes. The price from what i have seen in shops, is very cheap, and the results were great. This could be one of my top conditioners. 

Cantu Shea Butter sulfate free cleansing cream shampoo.

I have said before when reviewing brands, that i am not a fan of shampoos and that i have my one top brand which i use, but this is a very very close second. Sulfate free is always a plus for my hair, and the creaminess of this shampoo again mimics the feel of a conditioner. Again it has that trademark cantu smell which leaves your hair smelling great. 

Unlike other brands of shampoo i have tried this one did not give my hair that straw feeling, and kept it clean and still soft. Like the conditioner, and this brand as a whole, the price is great and it is always on offer in superdrug and boots stores which is convenient for me. 

Would i buy this product? Yes. I had no issues with this and i even shampooed my hair TWICE with it to remove the build up of the curling cream. It has climbed to my top 3 very fast. 

So there you have the 4 products which i received this month. Again i was very happy and excited about this box, and as my third one, i can not wait to see what the next one brings. 

Cantu products can be found in superdrug and boots stores or by clicking one of the links below. Remember to check out treasure tress and sign up to receive your monthly box of goodness. I am excited to try out some more by Cantu now that i have rediscovered them.

Check cantu out at superdrug stores or online by clicking here 
Check cantu out at boots stores or online by clicking on this link 
They can also be found at Naturalistic Products here 

Remember to check them out on instagram and also follow me for more product reviews.  


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