Refreshing curls | What is in the mix?

I think every curly girl has a spray bottle, or two, or three, or possibly more. 

Personally i have 3. One has apple cider vinegar rinse in it, one has my lottabody setting lotion (as mentioned in a previous post i found this too liquid and so transferred into a spray bottle which works better) and one i use most days when i need to refresh my curls. 

So what is in it?


I start by squeezing some of my favourite conditioner into the empty bottle. How much of this you use depends on both the size of your bottle, and the amount of hair you have. As mine is quite thick i use quite alot of conditioner. This mix lasts me ages and so there isn't any rules about how much to use as it isn't the whole bottle going on your head. For this video i used a conditioner by grohealthy which i will post below, but my other favourite is ORS Black Olive Oil. 


If i am abroad then i will use bottled water (as discussed in my previous post) but here in England the tap water is soft enough for my hair. Fill the bottle almost to the top with warm water. I have seen people using rose water and things like that which i am very intrigued by, but for now, just lukewarm water works fine. 


From the video it looks like i add alot of oil, but this is just because i had to repeat some clips so that my subtitles would work fine. I add just 3-4 drops of oil into this mix. This can be added either before water, or after. It really doesn't make much difference when. I use Righteous Roots oil, as i love the way this detangles my hair! It makes finger combing and combing my hair easy.  

Shake it up

Shake the mixture up together and you are good to go :) 

Wait ... now what do i do?

I like to take my hair into sections if i am on day 3+ curls and wet each section before brushing it. If i don't need to do this, then i just go ahead and wet my hair with the mixture and finger comb it. 

Where can i buy the products?

GroHealthy can be purchased from Pauls hair world
ORS Black Olive oil can be found at superdrug stores

Righteous roots oil:
If you are in the US you can go directly to the website.
If you are in the UK then check out which is where i buy all of my products :)

What is in your spray bottle?



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