November TreasureTress | AbbieCurls Takeover

So this months Treasure Tress box is put together by curly hair blogger/youtuber Abbie Curls. If you follow Abbie on instagram you will see she has a huge following, amazing hair and her videos are great. If she likes these products, then i had high hopes for them. 

So what did i get in this months box? 

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula: Coconut oil cleansing conditioning co-wash

"Palmers coconut oil co-wash is a no-lather shampoo-alternative that gently cleanses without stripping moisture or colour."

I am a fan of co-washing, i have done it before mid week when my hair has reacted badly to new products or when the weather has dried it out and i think it is an excellent way to maintain moisture. Have i tried an product specifically for co-washing? Yes. 

When i took this bottle out, i thought it looked oddly familiar. I raided my collection, and i have used a palmers co-wash before, but the olive oil co-wash. I liked that and so i was excited to try this one too. 

 The instructions are the same as with a normal conditioner. 

My hair was left feeling very soft and clean, without the straw feeling that shampoo leaves when it strips your hair. It smells super coconutty which is a plus as that is my fave scent ever! 

Would i buy this product? Yes. If you are someone who likes to wash their hair more often than weekly, then a co-wash is right up your street. I was really happy with how my hair felt and looked after washing. 

Palmers coconut oil formula: Coconut oil hair milk smoothie

"Palmers coconut oil hair milk smoothie is a lightweight hair lotion that deeply nourishes and hydrates hair, restoring its softness for frizz-free definition and shine."

I was really pleased to see another palmers product in the box. As a brand i am familiar with, i have alot of trust in them. Again this hair smoothie smells so good! A thick texture, a little goes a very long way. 

After using this i was left with soft, shiny and beautifully smelling curls. The only thing that i would say about this one in terms of cons, is that it does nothing for frizz. It claims that it does, and it does at first, but when your hair dries the frizz isn't held at bay. Once you add a gel over this however, it is fine. 

Would i buy this product? I'm still undecided. This is one of those products that i am going to come back to as i have done with other brands in the past. When i decided if i love it or hate it more, i will update you. 

Andre Walker hair: TKO ultimate moisture conditioner

 "Keratin therapy for textured, coarse or dry hair worn kinky, curly or straight."
Andre walker is a brand that is new to me. I have only seen one of their products once on instagram as it was included in a treasuretress box from before i signed up. The directions on the tub say to leave on your hair for 3 minutes or up to 30 for deeper conditioning. I decided to go with the 30 minutes. 

This product isn't heavily fragranced, in fact, it doesn't really smell of anything at all. I was expecting it to be a creamy conditioner, when in fact it is more like a wax, which made it feel a little weird using it as a conditioner. 

 When i rinsed it out of my hair, i cant say i noticed any difference to my hair. It was the same as when it has been washed. 

Would i purchase this product? I'm going to say no. The texture isn't something i am used to in a conditioner or a leave in, and as it didn't have the wow factor that some others do, i cant see myself re buying this one. 

Creme of Nature with argan oil: flexible styling snot

"Sky's the limit with Creme of Nature snot gel. Create any hair style you can imagine with this maximum hold gel. Its unique, putty like texture holds styles in place all day. Infused with argan oil from Morocco this gel: smoothes hair, controls edges, holds twist outs and updos, tames frizz and gives a flake free hold."

I have seen this one on instagram alot. I remember thinking it an odd name for a product, but because I'm not a lover of hair gels (usually) i never bothered to try it. I have tried other products by Creme of Nature before and liked them, so i was anxious to try it out. 

A friend of mine had tried it, and said that it gives alot of hold, so much so that her curls were rock solid. She thought she may have used too much and so i knew to take it easy on this one. I used it first as an edge control. I don't usually bother with my edges because 1, i have alopecia on one side and 2. they always come unstuck half way through the day. 

I was amazed by the hold that this snot gel has. I didn't even lay them down with a scarf just a brush, and they held all day and even were still down the next morning. Yes it was solid, but that's what i needed. I have used this snot gel now when i do updos to keep flyaways in check, and have even used it on my curls after wetting them to hold them in place. 

As my friend discovered, you really do only need a little of this stuff. It is very sticky and has the usual creme of nature fragrance (which is lovely in case you didn't know). 

The only issue with this is that in my hair, it did end up flaking. I loved my hair the day i styled it, but the next morning when i used water to unstuck my edges, i found that i had clumps of the sticky gel in my hair, which was a huge disappointment. 

Would i buy this product again? I doubt it. It comes in a big enough bottle to last me a long time, and as i will probably only use this on my edges, i don't think that i will go through it quickly. If you are a fan on slick updos and creative with edges however, then i highly recommend this one to you. 

Keracare: Deep moisturizing masque (sample)

"Rich with conditioning agents to restore elasticity to help prevent breakage. Softens hair and contains amla & shikakai botanicals to enhance shine."
 Abbie included two sample sachets in this box, and this is the first one. Again its from a brand that i have never heard of. At the moment i have not had a chance to try this one out due to working so much and being so busy. 

As i am naturally: Leave in conditioner (Sample)

The second sample Abbie included is the As i am leave in conditioner. I already use this and you can read my full product review of this one by clicking on this link

Overall i was impressed yet again by the contents of the box. If you are a curly girl at which ever point of your hair journey, i would recommend this box to you. For just £20pm (+pp), you are saving a ton of money, and getting to try so much more. 

Check out all the brands on instagram and follow me, Abbie and treasuretress on instagram now. 

Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think? 

 Check out my youtube unboxing video of this months box! 



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