Getting Social

Did you know that i can also be found on other social media platforms besides my website and google+ profile?

Instagram: @Candi_Curls 

 Instagram is the platform i am most active on, i have a bit of an addiction. Here i share snippets from my website and youtube videos, products i am using today and styling images and my curl crushes or girls i think you should follow. I also like to connect with people via this. This is the first place where you will find out anything about me, as well as any giveaways or competitions i run.

Through instagram i have made a lot of curl friends, and my knowledge on my hair as well as confidence in sharing it, have grown alot. The curl community on instagram are amazing at bigging each other up and never shy on asking questions. If you are on instagram give me a follow and lets connect! 


Facebook: @Candiicurls 

 Like instagram, i am quite active on facebook. As the two are connected, i often share across my instagram posts. Facebook is the place where i will run promotions and offers, for example a few weeks ago i shared with people a code to save 25% off products. 

I am still new to this facebook pages creation, so if you are on facebook say hello, subscribe and share some love. 

Candiicurls be sure to spell this right or click the facebook above. 

Twitter: @Candi_Curls

I know that twitter is a site that alot of people use, and so i made an account. I do tend to go quiet on this one, because if you have ever had a twitter youll know what it is like starting out. Building a following is not easy. On this account again i will share across my posts from instagram and facebook, but also more personal aspects of my life. What I'm up to that day and some non hair related posts. This is my personal twitter account. 

Follow me and i will follow back :) @candi_curls 

Snapchat: @Itslykcandiii

 I am probably the most active on this than any of the others, and again this is my personal snapchat and not all my posts are hair related. I just love the filters and am a selfie addict. If you are on snapchat then add me :) 

Online: (

You already are on my blog so you will know of course that i have a website. Minor changes regarding website address may be taking place over the next few weeks, so if you can not find my address or any of my social media pages, then please let me know. 

Youtube: Princess Candi 

 I try to update my youtube with new videos at least once a week or every other week. Working 6 days a week means that some weeks its a little harder for me to get the time to film, edit and upload, but i try my best. Want to watch how i wash and style my hair? Or which deep conditioners i am using and how? Then this is the site to follow. I only share snippets of these videos on instagram and facebook, although sometimes i may share a full version on facebook if i am running a promotion on the product. 

Subscribe, like a follow :) 

Drop me a message and lets connect or drop me a DM with your user name if i have not followed you back on any of these platforms :) 


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