LUS Brand | Product Review

Top of my to try list for some time now has been LUS Brands . LUS stands for Love ur self and the products are called Love ur Curls. That is exactly how i feel after using them! 

They have 3 sets of products.  Kinks, Curls and waves so they cater to so many people! The full set can be purchased from naturalistic products and direct from their website, as well the individual products. 

I follow them on instagram @lusbrands and i soon as i saw these mini sets, i just had to get my hands on them. What better way to try something out than with travel sized versions. I replied to the post on their instagram story asking when these will be available in the UK, and they quickly replied to me to let me know that they are now shipping to the UK with lower rates. I didn't need any more convincing, i logged straight on and brought myself this adorable little set. 

Delivery was fast and i have been using them for a few weeks now, so lets get to the review. 

Step one: Shampoo 

As you will know, i am not big on shampoos. I try not to use them often, and i usually stick to the same one or two from brands that i trust. I'll admit, i was scared using this one. 

It smells really fresh, and reminds me a little of those little bottles of body wash you got as a kid/teen in sets for Christmas. The shampoo, as with the rest of the products, is free of sulfates, silicone's etc. 

I had no need to worry. The shampoo did not dry my hair out in the slightest! My hair kept its moisture and was very easy to manage while washing. 

 Step two: Conditioner

Again this product has the same fresh smell as the shampoo, but a little creamier. Like the shampoo, this product also did not dry out my hair. I was able to finger detanlge so easily with this conditioner in my hair. 

When i wash with these two together, my untouched curls are spot on, my wash day lasts even longer, and i LOVE my curls! 

My curls felt softer, bouncier and more hydrated with this wash and go. 

Step three: All-in-one

"This product is activated by water and must be applied to clean wet hair.  Section hair. Wet thoroughly, add product, rake through and smooth. Squeeze out excess water and scrunch. Air dry or diffuse."
The final step to this perfect wash and go, is the all-in-one. It is a leave in conditioner that is activated by water. This means that it needs to go on wet hair, where some can go on dry hair too. This right here is my new fave leave-in already and i can not wait to get my hands on a full sized bottle! 

More fresh smelling products from the brand, but i think i like the smell of this one a little more. Its hard to describe why, you'll know what i mean when you get your hands on it. 

Soooo will i be buying full sized versions of these products? 
HELL YES! I will let the photos speak the words i can not find. 

Mini sets are $19.00 on the LUS website > here. Check them out on instagram and keep your eyes peeled on my page as i may just include these in a future giveaway. 

 (photos taken the morning after/day after my wash and go with LUS curl set. I didn't need to touch my hair for 3 days!!! What are you waiting for?? 
Washday video below:



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