January TreasureTress | Revlon product launch

Another (very long) month is almost over, and another amazing box of goodies from treasure tress!  

This months goodies are brought to us by Revlon Realistic. I don't think i was the only girl surprised to see that Revlon had a hair care range "designed for natural hair." The only time i have seen the brand mentioned has been makeup, never a connection to the natural hair movement, so it was nice to see other brands bringing out products for us. 

The first thing about these products is the packaging. I love it! The black and gold makes it feel like it is a luxury product you are using, when it is actually on the lower end of the price line and very affordable. 

The products are part of the black seed oil range. What is black seed i hear you ask: 

Black seed oil has been proven, 480 studies over 50 years, to be one of the most effective oils in tackling hair growth and thickness. It is excellent at relieving the scalp and getting right into the roots of the hair ensuring you get the most out of your hair. It has been used throughout history by our ancestors. 

So what did i get?

Strengthening Shampoo

First up, is a shampoo. We all know how i feel about shampoo, but this one promises to be sulfate free and comes with the label we love to see "No mineral oil, no petrolatum, no sulfates, no parabens, no colourants" and so i was willing to give it a go. 

"Beautiful bounce and less breakage starts here. Only Revlon Realistic strengthening shampoo is infused with Black seed oil, proven to strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp. Provides hair with UV protection."

I actually don't think i have come across a shampoo which claims to have UV protection. Living in Manchester, we don't really get too much sun, but i would love to try this one out when i go on holiday. 

I liked this shampoo. It didn't dry out my hair at all, it left it feeling cleansed and soft and the right amount of lather was formed. It smells amazing and it left my hair smelling just as fresh and clean. It gave my hair such a good wash day, that i didn't need to use shampoo the next one and was able to just co-wash. 

The bottle also claims to make your hair up to 32% stronger. I have used this the whole month since getting it, my hair has less breakage and my scalp is nowhere near as itchy as it has been in the past. 

Would i buy this shampoo again? 100%. There isn't anything that i don't like about it. 

 Strengthening Conditioner

"Give your hair new life and resilience with Revlon Realistic Strengthening Conditioner. Its unique infusion of powerful Black seed oil, nourishes your hair making it visibly shinier and stronger. Provides hair with UV protection."

As with the shampoo, i would love to try this conditioner out on holiday as it claims to have the UV protection and this time round, 46% more shine and up to 74% more strength. That is a high percentage! 

Again it has no nasty sulfates etc. The smell is stronger than the shampoo and good enough to eat. I love the slip that this conditioner has. I was able to finger comb my hair so easily and then combing was a breeze. My hair was left feeling so soft and looking so healthy. 

There is only one thing that i don't like about this conditioner. The fact that it is in a pump bottle! I have really thick hair and tend to use a lot of conditioner when washing my hair. This pump bottle made it a little difficult to get lots of the product out at once and i found it to be a little annoying. At the same time you don't really need to use as much as some conditioners, so perhaps this was intentional to show this point. 

Would i buy this conditioner again? Its a yes! The smell, the slip, the softness and shine of my hair. Damn right i need this on my shelf at all times. 

Strengthening Curl Revive

Who doesn't love a good curl revive spray? This one claims to make hair up to 59% stronger! 

"Give your style a refreshing power drink with Revlon Realistic Curl Revive. With its unique infusion of Black seed oil, just a spray or two of this light non greasy spray will instantly revive your style!"
 Directions: Lightly spray on hair to refresh as needed.

When i say this smells amazing!! I honestly love the scent of this range. It smells like sweeties and i just want to drink the bottle. I love that this is such a light spray. Some revive sprays can be over moisturising and you cross the line between refreshing and re wetting your hair. This one doesn't soak your hair. 

I like to keep this one in my handbag at the moment. I have to wear my hair up for work (boo) so i whip my bobble out at the end of my shift and spritz some of this onto my hair (side to side and then flipped forward) and then fluff it out. It really does bring my curls back to the bounce they had before. 

It defiantly is non greasy. I was actually surprised the first time. I expected my hands to feel horrible by the end of fluffing but they actually didn't. 

Would i buy this product again? Its another yes! I can't get enough of the smell of this stuff. 

Strengthening Butter creme leave-in conditioner

Confession: I didn't know this was a leave-in until now!  It says it on the top of the tub but not on the side and i store it stacked on my shelf. Oops.

Moving on .... 

"Your perfect natural style begins with Revlon Realistic Butter Creme Leave in. The only leave in infused with powerful black seed oil, it penetrates deep to strengthen, seal and smooth every strand."

Directions: Apply generously to clean, damp hair. Style as usual.

At least i was using it right anyway! 

So with this product Revlon says it can make your hair up to 34% stronger. These guys and these inviting results. 

Smells just as amazing as the shampoo and conditioner (the spray still smells better) and is super moisturising to my hair. I used this on wash day, but i also used it on my mid week spray bottle refresh day and i was in love with the results (i will post them at the end of this post as i usually do.)

I was unsure at first because it is very thick, but this just meant that i didn't need to use alot to still have amazing results. It didn't leave my hair feeling sticky and mushy either as some thicker creme products in the past have done. When it dried it kept its ringlets and definition. 

Would i buy this again? Yessssss. Revlon are winning with this product range!! 

Strengthening twisting pudding

"Go natural-style crazy without flaking out. From big, bold twists to polished knots, only Revlon Realistic Twisting Pudding has powerful Black Seed Oil to keep your hair incredibly strong and touchably soft" 
 Directions: Section dry hair. Apply about a teaspoon size of pudding through each section as you twist your hair. 

I am not the best as twisting my hair. I can not do flat twists and cornrows to save my life so i stay away from them usually. However, i had to try so i could test out the product and so i styled my hair with on flat twist a few times (all i can manage haha someone wanna teach me? email me lets arrange lessons!!) and so my review is off the few times that i have used it. 

I bet you can't wait to hear how much stronger hair can be using this? 59%!!! 

The smell of this stuff may just be better than the curl revive spray. I honestly want to just get a spoon and dig in. It is so sweet and strong. 

I followed directions when twisting my hair with this stuff and i have to say, it was the best twist i have done. It stayed it place, it didn't flake and it looked so soft and shiny. My hair didn't even break when taking it out (i always end up with a knot somewhere by day 3.) 

Would i buy this product again? As i am not a twist person i don't think i would buy this one again. It is the only product in the range that i don't feel like i need and that is nothing against the product (I'm obsessed with just smelling it) it is just because of my lack of skills haha. 

Due to the fact that i had never seen anything about these new products before, i of course had to check their instagram page (here) and find the website. I was amazed to see that these products are so affordable. As i said at the start the packaging is that of a luxury product and while the quality is just that, these products cost just £5.99 ($8.47). As a product junkie, this is such good news! I can get amazing results with these products without breaking the bank!!! 

Check them out at www.revlonrealistic.com/ and get you some of this strengthening, sweet smelling, black seed goodness. 

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Washday using Revlon Realistic Shampoo and conditioner and styled with butter creme.



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