Healthy Coloured hair? Yes you can!

One question i get asked about the most, is how i manage to keep my hair healthy even after bleaching it. Going lighter is such a common thing, especially during the summer, but without the right maintenance and advice, it could be very damaging to your hair. 

I spoke with a few other blonde curly girls, to bring you as many tips and advice on how you too can go lighter without the permanent damage. Check out the girls top tips as well as my own and be sure to give them all a follow on instagram! 

Gina - @honeyblondegigi

This queen is just so many goals. If you aren't following her on instagram you seriously need to. Her blonde locks were one of the reasons i went lighter. 

I reached out to her for some of her tips for this post, and despite being busy answering so many DMs and working with top brands, she was more than happy to share her top tip. 

"The key tips for me would be protein treatments, always include Olaplex in my colouring and avoid heat." 

Sian - @goldicurls

Another ultimate blonde curl crush for me, this beaut is forever sharing her top tips and advice on how she keeps her blonde locks so gorgeous.  

She was nice enough to agree to be involved in this and her advice was:

 "Blonde Sexy Hair was the best purple shampoo ever and not drying at all. Overnight coconut oil treatments and pre poos made a huge difference 2-3 times a month. 

"Lots of protein - as you may know my holy grails are the Shea Moisture JBCO range. Build up colour gradually and wait at least 4 weeks between colouring sessions. I also prefer balayage as i found it gentler on the hair and the regrowth is less noticeable. Bond builders during colouring are a must, I've had Olaplex and Loreal smartbond used on my hair and they work equally well." 

Verna - @themestizamuse

If you are a curly girl on instagram then you MUST be following this queen. She is hands down the best at giving the most researched and informative posts about curly hair, as well as always doing the best giveaways and making them international too.  

Verna has done her own very detailed post about maintaining her coloured hair, and rather than take points from it and make you miss the important bits, be sure to follow this link and read the very detailed article. She is always very in depth and researches everything carefully before speaking on it. 

Check out the amazing article by following the link; and make sure to subscribe to her website. 

Penny - @pennyfroreal

A joy to follow online who always entertains us with photos of her being silly or detailed styling videos, Penny shared her 5 top tips and advice for having healthy coloured hair as beautiful as her own. 

  1. Deep Condition weekly - My hair hates protein so i usually stick to moisturising masques.
  2. Leave gaps between colouring sessions to give your hair a break. 
  3. Do not bleach your hair when your hair is in ill health. 
  4. It could be that after bleaching your hair, you see a difference in how well your hair absorbs product and retains moisture. This could be down to a change in porosity. It might be worth doing a porosity test after bleaching in order to find effective products! If you're not into doing different tests (like me), it may mean you have to shop around to find the products that work for you. 
  5. If your hair begins to feel dry, try adding an oil or serum to your hair before bed. I use Argan oil. Just smooth it over your hair and carry on as normal. This will help tame frizz and add and retain moisture for another day!

Cherelle - @Chebella

Fellow Mancunian girl Cherelle, is everywhere on instagram at the moment giving us all curl envy! Want to know how she maintains such beautiful locks even with colour? 

  1. Always detangle from the ends of your hair up. This works best when your hair is wet and full of leave in conditioner.
  2. Constantly trim your hair. You will not see growth if you are not trimming every six weeks minimum. 
  3. Leave moisturising hair masks on overnight for maximum effect. This gives you less frizz when drying/diffusing. 

Tayloranne - @itstayloranne__

This girl is my ultimate hair crush. Just look at those curls! She is absolutely lovely, always replying to messages and was kind enough to share her tips with us. 

"My two main tips for anyone wanting to colour their hair are: 
1- Deep condition your hair regularly after ward. At least 1-2 times a week. Especially if bleach was used. 
2 - My favourite product to use on my highlighted hair is the L'Oreal Colour Vibrancy hair mask. It keeps my highlights bright and super moisturised. I recommend it to everyone!"

And for me Candi - @Candi_curls

As the girls have all said above, if you are wanting to go lighter or blonde, you really need to consider the strength and health of your hair first and make sure it is at its best. 

I have had disasters where i have gone too light too soon, or when my hair has just taken that little bit longer to bounce back to its usual self. 

Damage is not 100% avoidable, but with the right amount of time and effort, it CAN be reversible. 

After bleaching hair, it won't always feel right straight away. It usually takes me a good 2-3 deep conditioning sessions before i start to be in love with my hair again. So what are my top tips for blonde/coloured hair: 

  1. Make sure you are getting it done by a professional! Too many bad experiences have come from box dye kits at home. 
  2. Speak to your stylist about @Olaplex or something similar, in your colouring session. 
  3. Deep condition, Deep condition, Deep condition! I can not stress the importance of this enough. It is what is going to bring the health back to your hair. 
  4. Use a purple shampoo  at least twice a month. This will keep any brassiness out of your hair and keep it looking bright. Sian mentioned her fave one above, but there are cheaper alternatives too. I use the Pro:voke Touch of Silver which is super affordable and works really well. It is also a good idea to look at products which are colour safe to avoid the colour fading too fast. 
  5. Start off with highlights. If you have never gone light before, deciding to bleach all of your hair and dye it blonde could be a shock. It is better to start with highlights or a temporary colour and build it up. 
  6. As the other girls mentioned, leave space in between colour sessions. Let your hair begin to repair any damage before adding more on top of it. Too light too soon is never a good look and will mean even more time before it starts to be back to normal again. 

Hopefully the advice given by myself and these beautiful blonde babes, will help you on your decision on if you should do it or not. I feel as if we all at some point in our lives, go lighter with our hair. It is a good look for summer and sometimes a change is nice. While most people go back to natural colours some of us choose to stay blonde and it DOES NOT mean that our hair is ruined. 

I remember when i wanted to go blonde the first time and all i heard from everyone was how much it was going to ruin my hair and that my hair was going to fall out. I was advised against it by everyone but i went ahead and did it, and i have not regretted it once. I love being blonde, and i love my natural hair. Who says you can't bleach your hair and it be healthier than ever? 

Remember if you aren't already, then please give all of these ladies a follow on instagram. Remember to share this post with anyone who is thinking of going lighter! 



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