Mix-d hair | A brand new brand!

I am so excited to finally be able to share this one with you! 

Back in July last year, i was approached by this brand to be part of a group of product testers. We had a chat over the phone and i was excited to find out that this brand comes from the doorstep of the area i grew up in. This brand is a Manchester based one. Yes, a UK hair brand in this US dominated market. 

After our phone chat i found out that they were well aware of the domination by brands from America, and the identity of being mixed race. This brand is showcasing the beauty and diversity of being mixed race. Where there are so many brands which cater to "Black hair" and straight hair, with the adverts showing black women and white women, this brand wants to show mixed race hair and how different it can vary. 

Brad Lincoln- Creator or Mix-d: Brand
The brands creator, Bradley Lincoln, is a mixed race guy who after having his own children and grandchildren found out just how hard it is for our hair type in getting the right products. 

One of the product problems Bradley wanted to change was price, and so he has created a brand new brand which is at more than affordable pricing, making it accessible to everyone. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of both of the products, and to share my views on in this early stage.  

Here was my thoughts on the sample:

"..So i am all out of the spray and i LOVE it! It's the only thing i have been using in my hair this week pretty much. I prefer the effects of it on dry hair as a recharge spray as my hair soaked it up and stayed full of moisture all day. The smell is perfect! My hair feels freshly washed everyday even though it hasn't been. It's weight is perfect! My curls haven't been weighed down at all in any way, just brought back to life, and i like that it is non sticky." 

After testing out this spray i was sent another sample this time of the leave-in lotion. 

"The lotion has my hair feeling super soft! Well done on another great product." 

I could not wait for full sized versions to become available and to be able to share them with my audience. 

I was contacted a few more times in between July 2017 and now, to take part in some research questions, and this showed me that Brad really took on board what his target audience expect from a brand. This brand was not just set up and launched the way he saw fit, he took the time out to get to know some of us before finalising the project. 

As the launch date was released i knew that i needed to be one of the first to get my hands on them for you to know the full breakdown of how i feel about it. 

So lets get into it. 

As you can see from the feedback i sent to Brad, i was very very happy with these products. What i didn't know back then, was how affordable they had made them. The leave in conditioner is just £8.99 and the magic spray i loved so much was only £6.99! 

I am a product junkie, and i hold my hands up to that. I spend way too much money on hair products, and so to find that this one which worked just as well as some of the more expensive high end products, was just £6.99 was amazing to see. 

I get asked alot by people about products, but they want affordable ones which are easy to get hold of. Not everyone can afford to spend £25+ on one product, and now i have a place to send them. 

The design on the bottle is simple, white background with the brand name on. It looks clean and neat and doesn't distract away from the name. I really like the bottle that this full sized spray comes in. It doesn't spray out in a way that is going to soak your hair, and instead is more like a fine mist. This is a good thing to me. As a mixed race girl with thick curly hair, it can take hours for soaked hair to dry. Fine mist sprays give it the right amount of moisture without the weighing down of soaking wet hair. That exactly what happens here. 

The directions on the bottle say to apply it onto your hands and then massage into scalp and hair. For me however i much prefer to spray this onto my pineapple, and then scrunch the rest in, fluffing my hair out as i take down my bobble. 

I had the pleasure of actually meeting Brad, face to face, when he personally brought the product to me. He was just as lovely to speak to in person and i found more handbag sized samples in my package. I was over excited to be able to use this again. As soon as my shift in work finished i spritzed some spray into my pineapple, gave my hair a shake and remembered exactly how much my hair loved this stuff! 

As you can see, my hair soaked it up so well. My curls look defined and they were left feeling and smelling super soft. Even the other girls in work were asking what i had sprayed as it smelt so good. 

It is a fresh smell, nothing over powering or perfumed and reminds me of a shampoo. It just leaves your hair smelling clean. The smell lingers for the day, not fading fast. 

Because it does not soak your hair, instead just gives it a nice coating of product, i have found that it helps my hair with volume. One issue i have with such thick hair, is that when it is wet or damp with product it is flat. This brand changes that. My hair is full while still feeling soft and looking defined. 

This spray is perfect for stretching out wash days! It is so light that your hair doesn't feel weighed down, which means it doesn't scream to be washed so quickly. Some other curl sprays can also leave a sticky residue, which this one doesn't. As i said earlier, i liked to spray then scrunch, so not being left with sticky hands is a huge bonus. 

The sample sized bottles are perfect for fitting in your hand bag. I had previously mentioned to Brad that i like carrying a curl recharge in my bag on a daily basis, so the fact that he is looking at travel sized versions is exciting to me. 

So lets talk about the second product they have to offer. This is a leave-in lotion. I have said it before and i will say it again, a leave-in is a MUST for curly hair! 

As with the spray this is free from an over perfumed scent, instead just sticking with the freshness over fragrance. 

It is still really lightweight, while being excellent at quickly absorbing into the hair to create soft and hydrated curls. 

 I found that it mixed in well with other products, but worked so well on it's own that i didn't have to use others. 

Advertised as a 3-in-1 leave in on the website, this is more that just a leave-in conditioner. It is also a curl cream and a lotion. This means it can be used at any point of styling whether you use the LCO or any other method to apply products, and it will still do a fantastic job. 

This product had me feeling myself! My curls (as you can see on the left) just sprung into bouncy defined curls. 

With both of these products, a little stretches a very long way. I think i had my sample bottles for a good few weeks before they started to run out and that was because i was getting used to how much to use. They hydrate your hair really fast so there is no need to overdo it. 

I am so excited that this brand has now launched, and i can not wait to see what you all think of it. Check them out on instagram where they have been currently touring different events and offering samples. 

I am honoured to be part of the Mix-d: Brand family and i can not wait to see what the future holds for them. Stay tuned for a styling video coming in the next few days so you can see just how easily they soak into my thick hair. 

Check them out by clicking the links below:



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