If it ain't satin i don't wanna know | Hair advice

You've probably seen people talking about satin. From scrunchies and bonnets, to pillowcases and hats, but do you need it in your life? 

Sis, yes you do! 

I remember starting out and i didn't know anything about the benefits of satin, and how much of a game changer it really was. 

I purchased my first bonnet from a local hair shop, and i hated it. I brought a cheap bedding set that claimed to be satin, it made no difference. 

Then i discovered Osocurly and their satin pillowcases and scrunchies. You may have read my review on this brand before, but for those of you who haven't, allow me to give you a brief update.

Osocurly is ran by a woman in London called Shannon, who some of you may know as UKCurlyGirl. She made a line of the best satin accessories i have come across! The pillowcases are so comfy to sleep on and can you notice the difference? Hell yes! 

I can sleep on these pillowcases with my hair down, and wake up to perfect curls. It requires no effort, is reversible, and comes in a variety of colours. They recently updated their material, leaving them feeling even more softer than before. 

But why do i need a satin pillowcase? 

Normal cotton pillowcases are bad for your hair. I will repeat that. Normal cotton pillowcases are bad for your hair. 

  • They dry it out - So much moisture is lost through this material soaking it all up and out of your hair. This is going to leave you with dry dry dry dry dry hair when you wake up. You could go to bed after the best wash day and with juicy curls, but that isn't how you are going to wake up. 
  • They cause frizz - We all know that feeling of waking up and looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards right? That's the pillowcase causing that. The friction of hair against the material is what causes the dry hair to stand up and look for lost moisture. 
  • It is bad for your skin - all that lost moisture through your pillow, is getting soaked up by your skin. 
and switching to satin will stop this?

When you sleep on a satin pillowcase you're sleeping on a cloud. 

  • Curls glide along the material - because it is gentler on your curls there is no friction between your hair and the pillowcase, resulting in a frizz free sleep. 
  • Less prone to breakage - because hair is not being dried out, it won't break as easy. 
  • It is more comfy
  • Less effort in the morning - You would be surprised at how much your hair has stayed in place while you sleep. 
I literally take a pillowcase with me everywhere i go. On holiday, staying at family/friends houses, romantic break with bae, i wouldn't be without mine. 

From OsoCurly, i also can not be without my satin scrunchie! 

I post on instagram about these all the time because i am literally obsessed. I work with food and so need to have my hair tied back while I'm there. As soon as i finish however, i like my hair to be down. We have all tried this before, it requires some effort right? Wrong. 

Benefits of a satin scrunchie:
  • No bobble dent - yup that's right, not a single weird mark in you hair from where your bobble has been holding it all together. From buns, space buns, pineapples and ponytails, i have been able to remove my scrunchie and you wouldn't have guessed it had been tied up. 
  • No breakage - Gone are the days of finding so much hair wrapped around my bobble. I never have any fall out or breakage when i take these scrunchies down. Not ever!
  • It doesn't get stuck in your hair - no further explanation needed
I have never used another bobble since discovering these, and i highly recommend them to every single natural girl/boy/child reading this! Complete game changer. 

Check out Osocurly now on their website and instagram.

This isn't where my satin obsession and lesson ends. 

I mentioned above i had tried a satin bonnet before and didn't like it. The reason? It never stayed put while i sleep. 

Enter HappyHairCo to save the day! 

Sacha and her daughter Jaya are the faces behind this brand and have created beautiful satin scrunchies, pillowcases and bonnets. I tried one of their bonnets and i was hooked straight away. 

The benefits of a satin bonnet, are the same as with the satin pillowcases, except it's on your head. I know a lot of people don't get pillowcases because they don't like the feel of satin on their skin. This is where the bonnets come in handy. 

  • Keeps curls protected - The material stops any friction frizz and keeps curls juicy and hydrated underneath
  • Available in lots of different colour combinations - I have rose gold/silver, Black/Pink and Purple/Gold which are all reversible. They have lots more colours online. 
  • Perfect on wash day - I like to go to bed with my hair damp on wash day because i don't like using heat. This bonnet allows my hair to dry but not dry out, and keeps my pillow dry. 
  • They're super cute 
The other thing i love about the bonnet is that IT STAYS PUT! Not once have i gone to sleep with this on, and woke up to it off or even half off my head, which means i don't have to worry. I can also wear it around the house to keep my hair up and protected while I'm doing housework or sat on the sofa watching tv. 

Again with this satin godsend, i do not have to do much to my hair, if anything at all, the next day, because my curls are perfectly intact. 

In summer when satin is less comfy to sleep in, the bonnet is the method of choice. 

But what about in winter? 

Trust me when i say, i am switching to satin everything. Who else loves beanie hats? While i found not just one but TWO brands who have created the satin lined beanie/bobble hats! 

Curlisha was the first i saw and i was over the moon to receive mine. They come in black with a slogan on the front, and are beanie hats. The satin lining means i have one less thing to worry about when i am out bracing the cold weather. I can take it off and give my roots a fluff and you would never have guessed i had been wearing a hat all day. In summer Curlisha even made a curlcap here in the UK which is a satin lined half cap, allowing your curls all the room in the back, while keeping those roots down and tamed. You can now save 10% on these beanie hats with the code CANDI10 at the checkout! Curlisha is forever expanding and also do a satin headband which comes in 3 cute colours and designs, and if you saw my review on them before, when it gets to summer, they also do a curlcap! 

Then i came across CurlyPuds, who also do a beanie, as well as a bobble hat which is satin lined and come in a variety of colours. This is another small business who i just love, and is ran by a mother and daughter duo just like happy hair co, with the grandmother involved too! I have a bobble hat in pink and i am in love with it! The satin lining inside didn't take away any stretch the hat had and it fits so perfectly over all my hair even when it is down and dry! They also do a range of other satin goodies so make sure to check them out! After wearing my hat i can just give my hair a gentle fluff and you would never have guessed i had been wearing a hat all day. Perfect for this cold winter chill. 

If there is one tip that i can give you that will change your life, it would be to get you some satin! 

Follow these small businesses who are changing the game and just watch how easier you hair is going to be managed! 

Hair the morning after sleeping with satin - untouched


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