Jamaican Roots Naturals | Giveaway winner review

A few weeks back i was lucky enough to win an instagram competition by Jamaican Roots Naturals. I wasn't expecting to be sent such a huge haul of products and so it has taken me a little longer than expected to be able to get through them all. 

I have seen this brand around, and it has been on my wish list so i was over the moon to be given the chance to try it all out. 

One of the things that struck me about these products, was an ingredient listed on the front of the bottle; Jamaican Tuna plant. At first i was confused, what on earth is a Jamaican tuna plant? So i did a little research. 

Jamaican Tuna Plant - 

 The Jamaican tuna plant is a variety of prickly pear cactus sometimes called coastal prickly pear. The cactus is native to the Southeastern United States, Mexico and South America, although it now grows in Jamaica, other parts of the Caribbean and throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. Tuna usually refers to the oval red fruit that’s produced by the cactus. Both the fruit and the leaves of the prickly pear cactus are used as herbal remedies in Jamaica and many other countries. The health benefits are largely anecdotal and more research is needed before ethical medicinal claims or recommendations can be made. (source: Livestrong)

So what can it do for our hair?

The tuna plant can help with dandruff and build up on our scalps, as well as being a great ingredient to add to conditioners because of its antioxidants. It has also been said that it can help with shine to hair. 

Jamaican Tuna plant Hair rescue + Repair co-wash

This was the first product in the collection that i tried, because i love a good co-wash. I found that this co-wash didn't have any sort of over powering fragrance, nor did it have much of any smell other than fresh. 

This worked really well in my hair. I was easily able to detangle with my fingers before using a wide tooth comb and both glided through my hair brilliantly. 

I didn't need to use a lot of this for my hair to get that nice conditioned coating, and it left my scalp feeling very clean after use. 

Would i repurchase this co-wash? Yes. I have used this a few times now and i have no faults with it at all. It is  one that i reach for the most in my collection at the moment. I highly recommend this one to co-wash lovers like myself. 

Banana Co-wash

Now this one excited me the most! 

Out of all my favourite scents, this is definitely one which i am yet to come across in a hair product. I was not disappointed by the smell at all. It is honestly amazing. Like those little foamy banana sweets you got as a kid. 

Another co-wash to add to the collection, again this one left both my scalp clean and my hair easy to manage. I think what i liked the most about this one is the smell and maybe this has made me love it more. 

In comparison to the tuna plant co-wash i think that it doesn't work quite as well, because i didn't think my wash lasted as long. This could have been down to stylers used however so i will be giving it another go. 

Would i repurchase this one? Yes honestly the smell has won me over. 

Jamaican Tuna Plant Shampoo

This product took me by complete surprise. I was not ready for the texture of it. It was very very watery. I found that this meant i had to use a little more than usually because i squeezed too hard expecting a thicker consistency. 

It did leave my hair feeling clean, but it didn't feel very soft afterwards. This is one which i will have to play around with a little more to see how much i need to use etc to get the most of out the product. 

Would i repurchase this shampoo? Maybe not. Not because it didn't work, just because it felt strange. 

Jamaican Tuna Plant nourishing conditioner

As with the tuna plant conditioner these products didn't have much of a scent although they smell fresh and this is left in my hair. 

I was able to detangle with this one and it did have slip, but i am not sure if i would reach for it again. 

I just wasn't blown away by this conditioner. Would i repurchase it? Maybe not. There was nothing wrong with this conditioner, but there was also nothing which blew me away about it either. I would use it again, but i don't think it is something i would repurchase.

Banana Leave-in Conditioner

So they blew me away again with the smell of this one. Plus a leave in conditioner in a spray form? Yes please. 

I like this leave in a lot. It is a great primer for almost every other product i have paired it with and i haven't found a combo that it doesn't work with yet.

The banana scent lasts in your hair and gives you even more of an exotic smell. I had people asking me what perfume i was wearing with this stuff in my hair. 

It comes in a small bottle also which makes it perfect for carrying around for on the go refreshing. 

Would i repurchase this one? 100% This is possibly my favourite in the collection! 

Mango sheen spray

I was disappointed to find that this stuff does not smell like mango, it does however give your hair such an amazing shine that i forgave them. 

I love using this as a sealant at the final stage of styling. No matter what style i choose to use this one is great for adding a little shine which lasts. 

As with the banana leave in this one comes in a bottle which just fits so perfectly in my handbag, it would be rude to leave home without it. 

Would i repurchase this one? 100% again for this one. 

Castor Oil 

Who doesn't love a good castor oil? 

- Scalp massage
- Add to spray bottle
- Hot oil treatment 

So many great uses and this works for all of them. It doesn't have an awful smell which some castor oils can have and so i like this one. 

Would i repurchase this one? Yes it wasn't too thick and comes in a pump bottle which means you don't get out more than you need. 

Overall thoughts on this brand:

Overall i like this brand and i am so thankful for being given the opportunity to try them out. 

I think i fell in love with the co-washes, and the oils the most and so i would love to explore what else they have to offer in these. There wasn't a single product i would say that i hated or disliked in this brand collection! 

Check them out at their website here and give them as well as myself a follow on instagram <3


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