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October Treasure Tress | Pantene Gold Series

Hello October. 

The winter chill has definitely started to kick in, but the gang at Treasure Tress know how to put a smile on our faces. That's right, a brand new box packed with a new range of hair products. 

This months box is a take over by a brand we all know and see everywhere. Pantene have spent a long time (10 years in fact!) researching and creating this brand new gold range, which is designed for natural and relaxed hair. 

Finally natural hair is being catered for by the more known commercial brands! Hallelujah! But does it do a good job? 

We were given 4 full sized products in this box, and i had a 5th one by the brand which i have included in this review. 

Moisture Boost Shampoo

I wont go on about how much i don't like shampoo, we have all heard it before. This is probably the one product from the collection i wasn't looking forward to. 

It isn't sulphate free, which would usually mean, had this been on the shelf, i would not pick it up. 

Sulphate shampoo always dri…

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